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Anatolian Shepherds- AKC Registry

Puppies expected Summer of 2024

Our 3 Dams and 1 Sire are all AKC registered. Our Anatolian Puppies come from working lines and are trained in pasture alongside their mentor dog with goats, sheep, ponies, and they are trained to guard perimeters for our chickens, rabbits, horses and our homestead. This breed is a livestock guardian breed out of Turkey and has been used to successfully protect livestock since Pre-Mesopotamia. Our farm specializes in unique colors for the breed so they can blend in better with our colorful livestock herds. During whelping for the protection of the dam and the puppies, we do bring them indoors until they have reached the proper size to leave the whelping box, we do place them in pasture with the livestock and rotate them around our many pastures to help teach them to adapt and adjust with change. We do socialize our puppies to kids, farm visitors and we take them on off-farm visits to allow for a well rounded beginning during those critical weeks. We offer limited AKC registration with all of our litters. They are handled daily and interact with the whole family while here. More puppy training time with livestock is also available beyond 9 weeks for an additional fee.     

From time to time we keep some of our litter longer here on the farm to continue to learn and train alongside their mentors so we can offer young adult LGD’s for the farms that need a seasoned adult for their livestock/homestead needs or for homesteads with existing predator problems. 

Go to: to learn more about this special breed.   

​Used for: Guardians/protectors on the farm for various livestock, family dog to protect the family (need large yard as they are not crate type dogs), we also use them as therapy/companion for children with disabilities

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