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Animal Care 

They are part of our family

We take the health of all our animals very seriously as they are part of our family, we have adopted a multi-faceted approach to parasites, we focus first on nutrition and immune system as a preventative by implementing B12 injections every 2 weeks for our pregnant ewes/does, lambs/kids, and we continue into adulthood with B12 injections for all of our animals every month.  We have also implemented in all common areas for our sheep/goats cobalt, various minerals, various herbs, baking soda, ACV, and DE that is available 24/7.  Multiple pastures have springs for water and all common barns have fresh water daily.  We also Copper Bolus our goats yearly and use worm meds for weanlings, yearlings and our adults as needed by routinely checking individual FAMACHA Scores.  We also give probiotics (live cultures) to all of our animals to aid in maintaining a healthy gut.  To reduce any potential health issues during the high risk months: our barns and paddocks are cleaned daily, fans are installed and DE is spread.  All feed/supplements/hay are fed off the ground at all times.  We also use an herbal approach to flies by supplementing with key herbs in all animals food daily as well as in essential oil sprays on the animals and in the buildings.  For the safety and security of our livestock we have employed our livestock guardians (Anatolian Shepherds) who protect them 24/7.  They are all on herbal regimens for health, immunity and parasite control. All receive routine heart worm/flea/tick prevention and get their routine vaccines for optimum health.  Our paddocks and pastures have multiple shelters to house all of our animals in the event of hazardous, cold or hot weather.  Our paddocks are woven wire with flagged live wire at the top and bottom and our pastures are multi-strand flagged electric wire which has worked well with every animal on our farm.  We also have our wonderful Vets at Appalachian Vet- administer rabies vaccines each fall on all of our age appropriate animals here on the farm for the safety of our flock and our farm visitors

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